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La Capsula

La capsula is an iconic element of the musicrooms of Base Milano, polifunctional cultural centre situated in the Navigi/Tortona Area of town. It is a transparent box equipped with streaming and 360° filming technology, a 60mq auditorium, and a last generation immersive 3D sound system, ideal for hosting private events, listening and recording sessions, showcases, djsets, artist residencies and workshops as well as yoga lessons, asmr sessions, sleeping concerts…

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Where we are

 La Capsula is located in the musicROOMS of BASE Milano (via Bergognone, 34) and it is accessible through a separate entrance on the external staircase of the building.


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La Capsula is a Music Innovation Hub project. The structure of La Capsula was created in collaboration with B-BEng, which designed and produced La Capsula by applying the modular building system BOXY. The 3D audio technology, is by INTORNO LABS, which ideated and realised the ad hoc immersive system. The development of the technological model was curated by Cariplo Factory.